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2018 Latest Airtel free browsing Gigabytes cheat

Its a new beginning for us to enjoy another Airtel free browsing cheat for 2018, this tweak am about to revealed to you have been confirmed working and the good thing is that it just require little effort and some penny from you to enjoy this cheat. You all will agree with me that after Glo 0.00kb free cheat has been blocked, it has been difficult tobget a totally free 0.00kb cheat Except for the fact that Cheap data plans and MTN is currently dishing out double of your data and also glo offering Extra Gigabytes for those on Auto Renewal.

Well like I have mentioned above, this Airtel free browsing cheat for 2018 just require little effort and some perny for you to start enjoying the cheat but I don't expect it to be blocked anytime soon so i will go to the points on how to Activate the Latest Airtel free browsing Gigabytes Cheat for 2018.

Kindly Note

✔ Porting is Required: You need to Go to Airtel office closest to you to request for Sim Port which is legal as far as telecommunication is concerned.

✔ MTN / 9mobile Sim: Make use of either Your Newly Registered MTN or 9mobile Sim to be ported to Airtel Network

✔ Fill Requested Form: Airtel will issue out a form for you to fill in other to carry out the request.

✔ The Number remains unchanged so if even you havrvuse the number to register to some online documents, it doesn't affect the fact that it will still be active.

✔ Based on your location, it will be required to waited up to 12 hours at most 48 hours

2018 Latest Airtel free browsing Gigabytes cheat

✔ Go to Airtel office with either MTN or 9mobile sim and a means of Identity

✔ You will be required to send PORT to 3232 for a number of times

✔ Others necessary things will be completed by the official handling your case while you will be given a new sim.

✔ Wait for a message from 3232 to insert your new sim which means your MTN or 9mobile sim is no longer valid

✔ Before inserting the new Airtel sim, Ensure you reboot your device with the MTN or 9mobile sim inside to ensure the network is completely off the mark.

✔ Imsert your new Airtel Sim and You MUST wait for a Welcome Message from Airtel

✔ Proceed to Recharge the Sim with Your Mobile banking app or Zoto Recharge wallet (download here)

You Must
👉 Never Recharge Line through Airtel Vendor
👉 You must never recharge your line via Recharge card

Each Recharge of #100 via mobile bank app or zoto wallet gives you 2GB, so even you recharge #500 At a time you will still be given 2GB so it is better you break it into segment.

That all you can Enjoy the latest Airtel free browsing cheat 2018 and the best of it is that you can accumulate up to 50GB by recharge #100 25 times and that is the highest limit to this tweak. Comment if you need further assistance


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